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Just found those blog(posts)/websites:

  • Kino-Eye’s Resources for Documentary Film
  • Online Degree Hub’s Top 100 Film Studies Blogs
  • This list is a bit frustrating. Why are so many people writing about the form? Is there not more to Film Studies than discussing the content and form of old and contemporary movies? I fear this mirrors film related teaching. At least the courses (mostly film production courses) that I know of, do not teach much else. Making films and understanding the form is one thing. But what about preparing students for life after education? Why are there not more courses/classes on film entrepreneurship? The internet opens so many doors. It would be time to teach about it.

  • Bigger Picture Research
  • At least I found this blog, which covers the business side of films. And of course there are more (most of the ones I know of are in my blogroll).

  • Magic Bullet Mojo
  • As an editor in my spare time, I love all of those how-to posts/videos online. I think they are great resources for anyone trying to learn more about video editing.



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