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I just found – a video download site. They are quite interesting. They pay users some money in exchange with bandwidth. You basically download a movie and then just leave it in your BitTorrent manager to share with others. Apparently, you only share legal copies – i.e. with people who also buy/rent the movie via Ameibo. It’s a pretty cool way to use BitTorrent. Probably you won’t earn much buy sharing a movie, but at least Ameibo keeps their costs down and hopefully passes it on to the users (by charging less for the films). Most films seem to costs between 3.50 and 4.50 Euro, so not too much. For sharing, people usually get 0.64 Euro per film (that is if only one person shares. If more than one person share a film, the 64 cents will be divided through the number of people sharing).

Oh, and most importantly, they also allow filmmakers to distribute their films via their ContentBay. They don’t even seem to act as gatekeepers. At least they are saying that everyone can upload. I’m not sure if no quality control works for such portals. But lets see how they are doing.


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