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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Wow, my blogging goes crazy today – the output matches that of the past 3 months. Incredible.

I found two interesting projects when I prepared for teaching in Tampere. Water Life is a very calming (the music surely) example of an interactive cross-media storytelling approach. A very creative way of making people discover the topic of a film – well, at least it worked for me. I spent a lot of time clicking around those little water bars (?).

Conspiracy for Good takes interactive story-telling a bit further. It tries to make the audience take action in real life. While this can be said about a lot of good films, Conspiracy for Good goes a step further and includes the audience’s action into the story. They call it “Social Benefit Storytelling”.


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Two weeks ago, I went to Tampere University of Applied Science in Tampere, Finland, to deliver a one-week workshop on sustaining independent film with the help of the internet. Tampere is a great little city with, apparently, the best doughnuts in the northern hemisphere (I wonder how the best doughnuts of the southern hemisphere would compare). Well. The School of Arts and Media, who were my hosts, have a blog in English – I quite liked to see how many different things they are doing. Quite interesting. Oh, they put me up there too. I’m honored.

I had a great time. Apart from getting to know nice people and a very laid back city, I was being treated to good food every day by the expenses account of my University – thanks Erasmus program. The teaching was great too. It made me think of how I can bring my research to those people who practice in the field; which is always a good thing to do.

Here are the slideshows of the four lectures.

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