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The New Auteur

Independent Film in Times of the Internet

There wasn’t much of  a blogging routine over the past – what was it? – 6 months? That needs to change. In the coming weeks, I’ll update the blog with the things I have been working on lately:

  • A paper on defining the term ‘Sustaining’ in sustaining independent filmmaking
  • A paper I have given at ETICA 2010
  • A paper in development about McLuhan and the Internet
  • Another paper in development about the history of independent film distribution and exhibition in the UK and what today’s filmmakers can learn from it
  • Thoughts on my Interim Assessment, which I successfully passed in January

Well, that should keep me busy and help me to digest what I have written during the past months. And also, I’m in the second half of my PhD. So it’s downhill now – and time to get organized.


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