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The New Auteur

Independent Film in Times of the Internet

I love to discover watchable films online (and yes, I do watch long-form content online). Whether it is the brilliant Keith Loutit and his technical masterpieces or 45356 – the 2009 SXSW winner that was available for free on SnagFilms. Just yesterday, I finished watching For Love & Stacie. A cleverly made film, I would definitely not have seen if it weren’t for the internet.

Those kind of films always put me in a dilemma: Did I enjoy them? Without a doubt. Are they good calling cards for their directors? Hopefully. Did the filmmakers make money with them? Possibly not. So the internet seems to hold good things for me as part of the audience but screws over the makers of those good things. But then again, I always wonder if money is the only thing that matters. Those films are out there, telling their makers’ stories and are appreciated. Is that not also important for artists? And for the business man: If those films lead to new business options for the makers (either new films or even merchandize/advertising/short theatrical runs of the films that already found an audience online) that would be great. So the business-half of our brain might see them as investments. And then everybody wins (audience, artist, businessman).



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